Supplementary Essays:

Why Drama? (Adam Blatner, 8/25/06)

The More We Can Be Adam Blatner 7/14/05

Moreno's Contributions to Applied Theater -- A. Blatner 8/24/06

Inhibitions to Drama -- A. Blatner 9/18/06

Performance Awareness-- A. Blatner11/2/06

Performance (Developmental Aspects) -- A. Blatner

Webpage Supplements to the Chapters in the Book:

(Note: These are NOT the chapters themselves! You need to read the hard copy of the book to get the general overviews that those chapters provide. These webpages simply expand and extend the descriptions in the book so that readers can find updated references, more anecdotes, some techniques.)

Acting for Advocacy: Supplement to Ch 22:Deborah Zuver

Acting for Change: An Anti-Oppression Workshop

(supplement to Theatre of Oppressed work, Chapter 21), by Linda Strever, Leticia Nieto & Liz Goodman

ACTINGOUT: A Teen Group. Supplemen to Ch 25 . Kim Burden & Mario Cossa. 8/06

The Applied & Interactive Theatre Guide (AITG) by Toni Sant 9/22/06

The Art of Play: Supplement to Ch 26. Adam Blatner

Bibliodrama; Supplement to Ch 2 Linda Condon

Business: Drama in Business: Supplement to Chapter 13. Gluck, Rubenstein, Blatner

Clowning: Interactive Clowning: Supplement to Ch 30 Doyle Ott

Creative Drama and Role Playing in Education: Supplement to Chapter 8 Adam Blatner
Creative Drama and other types of drama in education: Reflections by Nellie McCaslin

Drama Therapy: Supplement to Ch 16 Sally Bailey

Drama with Elders: Supplement to Ch 3 Rosilyn Wilder and others

The Fictional Family (Ch 12): Link to Author's WebsiteMuriel Gold

Foreword: Reflections on ImprovisationDavid Shepherd & Adam Blatner

Full Spectrum Improvisation -- Joya Cory

(A synthesis of several forms)

Games (The Theatre of Games): Supplement to Ch 32. Bernie DeKoven

Grief  Theatre by and for Teens   Lauren Chandler

Healing the Wounds of History: Supplement to Ch 4 Ron Miller &Armand Volkas

Improbable Players: Using Educational Drama for Addictions Prevention,
by Lynn Bratley (Jan, 2011)

Improvisation in Family Therapy:Jerry Gale. 9/07

(Another Supplement to Chapter 17: Rehearsals for Growth (Wiener)

Insight Improvisation: Supplement to Ch 18: Joel Gluck

Learning to Parent Apart  Supplement to Ch 19:Deborah Zuver & Mary Grigsby

Medieval Re-Enactment: Supplement to Ch 29 T. Stallone

Museum Theatre: Supplement to Ch 14  Catherine Hughes

 Mystery (Interactive Murder Mystery) Theatre: Supplement to Ch 28 A. Curtis & G. Hensley

The Internet as a Dramatic Medium. A supplementary article, by Toni Sant & Kim Flintoff
A Further Supplement to the above: More about Online Drama-like Activities.
Playback Theatre: Supplement to Ch 1 Hannah Fox

Playbuilding with Pacific Island Students: Supplement to Ch 11 Daniel Kelin II

Prisons: Drama in Prisons: Supplement to Ch 20 Clark Baim

Process Drama in Education Supplement to Ch 9 Gustave J. Weltsek-Medina
-- Expanded discussion of methods in process drama
-- Some examples of process drama
-- Further references on process drama

Psychodrama, Sociodrama & Role Playing: Supplement to Ch 15 A. Blatner

Ch 7: Presence: Applied Theatre in Communities ? no webpage sup yet?  Mecca Burns

Reflections: A Teen Theatre Group: Supplement to Ch 6 Staci Block

Related Fields: Supplement to Ch 33:. Adam Blatner

Rehearsals for Growth: Supplement to Ch. 17 (link to his website) Daniel Wiener

Rituals, Celebrations & Ceremonies: Supplement to Ch. 5   A. Blatner, E. Clontz, others.

Self-Revelatory Peformance: Supplement to Ch. 24 Sheila Rubin

The Story Within: Using Myth and Fairy Tales in Therapy and Personal Development, Yehudit Silverman

That Takes Ovaries! Bobbi Ausubel

Theatre-in-Education (TIE): Supplement to Ch. 10   Allison Downey
Further Supplement: Theatre in Health (as a subtype of TIE) Jessica Alexander

Theatre of the Oppressed: Supplement to Ch 21: J Sullivan & A Blatner

(Reflections on the Dynamics of Oppression  Adam Blatner)

TheatreSports: Supplements to Ch 27 (Part 1: History)   David Young 
TheatreSports (Part 2: Methods)
TheatreSports (Part 3: Theory)

Women's Empowerment Drama: Supplement to Ch 23
Abigail Leeder & Jade Raybin

Appendix A: General Bibliography of Bookswebsup not posted

Appendix B (supplement) : Further References About Warm-ups, Action Techniques, Experiential Exercises