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Chapter 23. Women's Empowerment Through Drama

Abigail Leeder & Jade Raybin

Re-Formatted December 12, 2007

Similar Endeavors

While our method and style of women's theater workshops is unique, there are a number other practitioners exploring theater as a tool for empowerment. In Eugene, Oregon, Director of the Boldness Institute, Lola Broomberg teaches a class called "Get Down With Your Sweet Self Theater Class for Women." Lola is a vibrant and passionate teacher and her class was the inspiration for "Stories Gone Wild".

   Ref: www.boldnessinstitute.org         The homepage of the Boldness Institute directed by Lola Broomberg, an integrated arts organization Eugene, OR, designed to inspire personal empowerment. Workshops and classes specialize in the use of improvisational theater, personal theater and performance

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jonathan Stein leads workshops for men inspiring creativity and play and honoring transitions and truths from the lives of men. Rhodessa Jones uses theater as a transformational tool with incarcerated women in San Francisco.

Ref: Fraden, R. (2001). Imagining Medea: Rhodessa Jones and theater for incarcerated women. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.  (Imagining Medea chronicles the life and work of Rhodessa Jones, founder of the Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women.)

In addition, there are many women's sexuality workshops that use a variety of tools to enliven our sexual selves and free us from shame. Such workshops include those taught by Diana Soline and Jan Robinson of Women's Temple, and The Body Electric School. As far as we know, though, so far we have been the only ones using drama in a workshop format to explore the topic of sexuality with women. Ref: www.womenstemple.com This webpage details the activities of the Women's Temple, under the direction of Diana Soline who offers workshops on embracing your sexuality.

Kaplowitz, L. (1999). Living "Naka-Ima" at Lost Valley. Communities: Journal of cooperative living. Vol. 104.

In this article, Kaplowitz describes the impact that the Naka-Ima workshop has had on the intentional community of Lost Valley Educational Center. An intentional community in Oregon dedicated personal, social and planetary healing. Our personal connection to Lost Valley and the Naka-Ima workshop taught there has profoundly influenced our lives and work.